In the quiet space of CAFE de GINZA
MIYUKI-KAN, a café in Ginza decorated
with stucco walls and aged timber,
we serve our specialty, Mont Blanc
prepared with Japanese chestnuts
“waguri”. We sell over 200,000 every
year.Our menu also includes an array
of light meals (such as sandwiches and
curries) and desserts (such as cakes and
parfaits) that are sure to delight.

Japanese Chestnut
Mont Blanc


Best-selling Mont Blanc
in Ginza prepared
with Japanese chestnuts “waguri”

We highly recommend our Mont Blanc
prepared solely with Japanese
chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture,
which allows you to enjoy the
characteristic flavor and aroma.
The flavor of Japanese chestnuts
“waguri” is further enhanced by the
crunchy meringue, which is freshly
baked every day in our own factory in
Ginza, as well as the fresh whipped
cream with its delightful taste.

We prepare our fresh
cakes daily in Ginza.

prepare each cake daily with great
care in our own factory, using
carefully selected ingredients.
Our dessert menu includes fluffy and
moist chiffon cakes, hand baked mille
crepes prepared with ultra-thin
pastry, mille-feuille, which has been
popular for over 30 years, and La
pomme prepared with a rich amount of
kogyoku apples.Handmade scones are
freshly baked every day in each café,
using a combination of three different
types of flour. We hope to see you
soon in our café where freshly
prepared cakes await.

Millefeuille Homemade Scone Chiffon Baked Moelleux La Pomme Strawberry

Use our takeout service to carry out our cakes,
with a minimum of just one cake.

MENUan example

Coffee864〜Tea918〜Cocoa972〜Cake Set1,512〜Grilled Sandwich1,566〜Croque monsieur1,566〜French curry1,674〜and more.

Our menu includes an array of options. Prices may
vary depending on the café or hour of services.

Gift from Ginza

Our baked confectioneries delight
both gift senders and receivers.

Our pastry chefs prepare baked
confectioneries with great care, from
standard French baked goods, such as
madeleines and financiers, to ones
with a distinctive flavor, such as
galettes bretonnes and engaginé, to
offer you an opportunity to enjoy its
wholly satisfying rich, deep taste.

10 piece¥2,160

Try it!

3 piece¥648


5 piece ¥1,080

Handling Store